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About Socialite Vision

From our viewpoint at Socialite Vision, the world should present itself to you in majestic high definition! At the same time, your eyes tell a story about your health and your vision. Our own Dr. Adam Ramsey, can accurately diagnose and treat to improve how you see our world and how the world sees you, too with the finest eye exam in Palm Beach Gardens.

At Socialite Vision, Dr. Ramsey will not only examine your eyes completely to offer you the best vision of this beautiful world and all that is in it, he is also able to look inside your eyes for early warning signs of more serious systemic issues like diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, to name just a few.

About Us


At Socialite Vision you will experience industry leading concierge eye care that highlights our pioneering technology and delivers curated eyewear channeling the inner socialite of our clientele.


At Socialite Vision we will continue to be South Florida's premier destination for curated patient centered eye care and an avant garde eyewear experience.