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Color Blind Test


The EnChroma Color Blind Test is a proprietary color blind test designed to determine a person’s type and level of color blindness. Created by EnChroma, an independent company based in California, the EnChroma color blind test is the #1 online Color Blind tool for color vision deficiency taken by more than one million people worldwide.

The EnChroma test is based on the Ishihara “hidden digit” test method and is combined with a computer-adaptive algorithm to measure the type and level of color vision deficiency (CVD). It is available in a numbers mode for adults and children ages 10+ and in a shape mode for kids ages 5+.


The EnChroma Test, like all Color Blind plate tests, are not performance evaluation tools and are NOT designed to be taken with glasses with colored lenses of any kind. As a result, please be sure to do the following BEFORE taking the test:

- Remove all glasses with colored lenses. The test is designed to be taken with the naked eye or with a prescription if you wear one. It will not work with colored lenses of any type and will lead to inaccurate results. Taking the online test with color correcting glasses to “prove” that they work is a misconception and inaccurate.

- Turn brightness on screen to high. Light affects color and the ability to perceive differentiation.


EnChroma glasses for color blindness are uniquely engineered to give those with color blindness the ability to see more of the broad spectrum of bright color most of us take for granted. EnChroma develops optical lens technology that selectively filters out wavelengths of light at the precise point where this confusion or excessive overlap of color sensitivity occurs.

EnChroma continues to advance the field of color vision research and bring new products to market that solve unique color deficiency issues.

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The EnChroma Color Blind Test is designed to assess whether a person has color blindness, and inform those with color blindness which type of color blindness. In rare instances, due to screen resolution, lighting conditions, and other factors, this test may produce inconsistent results. If you are unsure about your results, contact us.


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