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You only need to look at computers, laptops, cell phones, smartphones, tablets, etc. to know this is true. Every year, these products get better and better! With this onslaught of new & exciting technology, the manner in which you use your eyes evolves and also needs to adapt. And yes, we know it’s not always easy.

Technology in eyeglass lenses is advancing almost as quickly-although we understand for most people it’s not nearly as sexy as a new smartphone. Advanced technology in eyeglass lenses is imperative to meet your ever-changing visual needs and lifestyle habits. We go through continuous education and intense training to fit you with the very latest in lens technologies. Everyone is unique in the way in which they use their eyes. We’re at a point now in which your lenses can actually be custom made for you, your eyes, and your eyes alone!

We edge lenses in-house and can offer same day lenses at an expedite fee within certain parameters. It’s very exciting!


Lenses are the most important aspect of your glasses. We utilize the latest technology to meet your ever-changing visual needs and lifestyle habits. We use digital measuring device to get precise measurement so we can provide 4K HD progressives and lenses that are fully customizable to you and the frame you choose. We offer chemistrie clip which allows addition of sunglasses clip to any lenses so you can get polarized lenses on any frame. Chemistrie Clips are a versatile and affordable option to transform prescription glasses into prescription sunglasses, readers, computer glasses and more. We also offer Eyezen lenses to protect eyes against blue light and Crizal lenses as a coating that helps in glare and halo around cars and lights, especially at night.

You probably don’t think about it, but it’s the lenses that do the work for you! You’ll be amazed when we show you the difference at Socialite Vision in Palm Beach Gardens.


Zeiss Lenses

Zeiss eyeglass lenses are renowned for their precision manufacturing, high-quality materials, and advanced technology. Offering a diverse range of lens types to accommodate various vision needs, Zeiss provides options such as single vision lenses for distance or reading, progressive lenses for multifocal correction, and specialized lenses for conditions like astigmatism. These lenses are often equipped with coatings and treatments to enhance performance, including anti-reflective coatings, scratch resistance, and blue light protection for reduced eye strain from digital screens.

Utilizing digital lens design technology, Zeiss optimizes lens performance for sharper vision across the entire lens surface, minimizing distortions and aberrations. Customization options allow individuals to tailor lenses to their preferences and lifestyle, from lens materials and thickness to tints and features like photochromic technology. Zeiss continues to innovate in optical technology, pushing boundaries to improve lens materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques, ensuring superior vision correction and comfort for users. Ask us for more information about our digital lens options.



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